Saturday, January 2, 2010

its already 2010! 
I really can't get it! the time runs so fast!

2010 that means I'm already for almost 5 month in the USA and there are only 5 left... that's just unbelievable .
In one way I think already half of my exchange year, the experience I will never forget, is past. I remember so clearly when I came here.
On the plane to new york.
In the big hall with all the hundreds of other exchange students waiting for the buses that brought us to our state and so to the host familly.
The first impression of Maine when i woke up in the bus.
The first thing that cached my eyes: all the millions of trees, trees just everywhere.
The white houses all made of wood, all like the house on the picture that my host family sent me, by every house we passed I thought is that "my" house? the house I will call my home for the next year? 
The camp with all the other exchange students, all shy and trying to use their english they already knew. 
The big and so exiting moment when the host families picked us up. It was a moment everyone was super nervous, a moment we all waited for it for such a long time.....

That all is already five month ago and it seams like it was just yesterday.

And then at the other hand: only 5 month. I had so many new experiences, adventures, exiting moments, new things that I learned. It's just impossible that this happened all in this short time period of 5 month.

But now I really look forward to my next five month. I hope they will be as exiting and awesome as the past 5 month but I'm sure they will be and probably they will past even faster.