Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring, spring, spring :)
Finally it’s here!
The nice wetter, the sun, some flowers in the yards, and my favorite: the spring feeling.
Is it just me or does the spring set you in an awesome mood too?
It just makes me happy, active, I want to get out and live some adventures!!

Well but right now I don’t have a lot of time to do that.
Next week we have an a cappella tour. We go from middle school to middle school and have little concerts all day and then at night we have an concert for the parents and friends at our school! So everything will be perfect we practice a lot at the moment.
But I really think that is going to be an awesome concert! Probably the best one so far :D

And then there is the drama. We usually have rehearsals 3 times a week for each 2 hours. We have a lot of fun, make little exercises and so on, but it also takes a lot out of you to stay concentrated for the hole time. Listen to the advices from our teacher, sometimes waiting and doing nothing while it’s the other kids turn, trying to remember your parts and so on. But I really love it. I wish I could join the drama at my school in switzerland , but I think that won’t be possible since the drama is on the same time as chorus.

Last sunday it was eastern :) In the morning when we got up there was an eastern basket waiting for all of us filled with eastern eggs and jellybeans .. mhhhh :)
for breakfast we had a special kind of little bread with fruits in it, that was pretty good :D
and at noon time we went to the grandparents living in wells. The first we did was an egg hung, luis, katie and me we each got an basked, there where 24 eggs filled with some coins and then we tried to get as many of them as possible.... and we were able to keep the money :) that was a lot of fun.
Afterwards we had an great lunch and an even better dessert followed by an trip to the ocean. That was the best thing to do on eastern. I was on the beach in a summer dress standing in the water up to the knees, smelling the salt water..... I truly felt like I was in summer vacation just decent!!!

enjoy your spring... you will hear from me sooner or later :)