Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring, spring, spring :)
Finally it’s here!
The nice wetter, the sun, some flowers in the yards, and my favorite: the spring feeling.
Is it just me or does the spring set you in an awesome mood too?
It just makes me happy, active, I want to get out and live some adventures!!

Well but right now I don’t have a lot of time to do that.
Next week we have an a cappella tour. We go from middle school to middle school and have little concerts all day and then at night we have an concert for the parents and friends at our school! So everything will be perfect we practice a lot at the moment.
But I really think that is going to be an awesome concert! Probably the best one so far :D

And then there is the drama. We usually have rehearsals 3 times a week for each 2 hours. We have a lot of fun, make little exercises and so on, but it also takes a lot out of you to stay concentrated for the hole time. Listen to the advices from our teacher, sometimes waiting and doing nothing while it’s the other kids turn, trying to remember your parts and so on. But I really love it. I wish I could join the drama at my school in switzerland , but I think that won’t be possible since the drama is on the same time as chorus.

Last sunday it was eastern :) In the morning when we got up there was an eastern basket waiting for all of us filled with eastern eggs and jellybeans .. mhhhh :)
for breakfast we had a special kind of little bread with fruits in it, that was pretty good :D
and at noon time we went to the grandparents living in wells. The first we did was an egg hung, luis, katie and me we each got an basked, there where 24 eggs filled with some coins and then we tried to get as many of them as possible.... and we were able to keep the money :) that was a lot of fun.
Afterwards we had an great lunch and an even better dessert followed by an trip to the ocean. That was the best thing to do on eastern. I was on the beach in a summer dress standing in the water up to the knees, smelling the salt water..... I truly felt like I was in summer vacation just decent!!!

enjoy your spring... you will hear from me sooner or later :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Already february 3th! the time past so fast... but i guess we already talked about this... sorry :D
But this time i feel sorry that i didn't post on my blog for such a long time, oh well I don't think it really matters I'm not even sure if anybody reads my blog... any readers out there????

so again february 3th, only 3 days left till i can celebrate my 17th birthday! As a little child this was probably the time when i got all exited and stuff, but now i don't even get it  yet, i guess i will get it when it's already over, but i will enjoy it that's for sure!

Already 17, that's so old ( in my eyes). But really? it's also an age that doesn't really matter or change anything. I will still feel the same way when i wake up on saturday, or that's at least what i expect. No rule or opportunity will change. Only that I will stay right in front of the big step :
 <>  a really big dial! I can vote (hmm yeah if you belief it or not that's the one thing I'm looking most forward to) , I'm legally an adult, I could drive ( but I won't, if i would stay in the USA i  would definitely do it, no question, the car is so important! But in switzerland I will stay with  public transportation : I will help the environment AND can save my money... That's totally worth it for me! I probably will do it some day so I'm not dependent to anybody but that can wait, for sure!) I can drink what ever I want ( I guess I better don't comment on this one :D  ) I can be a leader in scouts ( So happy, that will be so much fun, even when you american people won't understand that, scouts is actually FUN where I'm from, but i also love my brownies here <3>
sooo I guess that's pretty much it.

but back to my 17th birthday.... I don't even know what I will actually do. Katie plans a surprise for me on friday , that will be fun! And I think we go out for dinner on saturday ( I hope so) aaannnd I will open all the presents sent for me over from my home country and I'm really really exited for that! In case anybody reads this that sent me a packet, Thank you soo much!!!!

So nor no 3 mol schlofe :D
and afterwards i will tell you about it i promise 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

its already 2010! 
I really can't get it! the time runs so fast!

2010 that means I'm already for almost 5 month in the USA and there are only 5 left... that's just unbelievable .
In one way I think already half of my exchange year, the experience I will never forget, is past. I remember so clearly when I came here.
On the plane to new york.
In the big hall with all the hundreds of other exchange students waiting for the buses that brought us to our state and so to the host familly.
The first impression of Maine when i woke up in the bus.
The first thing that cached my eyes: all the millions of trees, trees just everywhere.
The white houses all made of wood, all like the house on the picture that my host family sent me, by every house we passed I thought is that "my" house? the house I will call my home for the next year? 
The camp with all the other exchange students, all shy and trying to use their english they already knew. 
The big and so exiting moment when the host families picked us up. It was a moment everyone was super nervous, a moment we all waited for it for such a long time.....

That all is already five month ago and it seams like it was just yesterday.

And then at the other hand: only 5 month. I had so many new experiences, adventures, exiting moments, new things that I learned. It's just impossible that this happened all in this short time period of 5 month.

But now I really look forward to my next five month. I hope they will be as exiting and awesome as the past 5 month but I'm sure they will be and probably they will past even faster.