Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Already february 3th! the time past so fast... but i guess we already talked about this... sorry :D
But this time i feel sorry that i didn't post on my blog for such a long time, oh well I don't think it really matters I'm not even sure if anybody reads my blog... any readers out there????

so again february 3th, only 3 days left till i can celebrate my 17th birthday! As a little child this was probably the time when i got all exited and stuff, but now i don't even get it  yet, i guess i will get it when it's already over, but i will enjoy it that's for sure!

Already 17, that's so old ( in my eyes). But really? it's also an age that doesn't really matter or change anything. I will still feel the same way when i wake up on saturday, or that's at least what i expect. No rule or opportunity will change. Only that I will stay right in front of the big step :
 <>  a really big dial! I can vote (hmm yeah if you belief it or not that's the one thing I'm looking most forward to) , I'm legally an adult, I could drive ( but I won't, if i would stay in the USA i  would definitely do it, no question, the car is so important! But in switzerland I will stay with  public transportation : I will help the environment AND can save my money... That's totally worth it for me! I probably will do it some day so I'm not dependent to anybody but that can wait, for sure!) I can drink what ever I want ( I guess I better don't comment on this one :D  ) I can be a leader in scouts ( So happy, that will be so much fun, even when you american people won't understand that, scouts is actually FUN where I'm from, but i also love my brownies here <3>
sooo I guess that's pretty much it.

but back to my 17th birthday.... I don't even know what I will actually do. Katie plans a surprise for me on friday , that will be fun! And I think we go out for dinner on saturday ( I hope so) aaannnd I will open all the presents sent for me over from my home country and I'm really really exited for that! In case anybody reads this that sent me a packet, Thank you soo much!!!!

So nor no 3 mol schlofe :D
and afterwards i will tell you about it i promise 

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