Friday, December 11, 2009

friday december 11, 
already friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Yesterday our chorus, the school band and the accapella group I'm in had their christmas concert. The concert was supposed to be on the wednesday but they changed it because of the snow day.
We practiced a lot in the chores class but it never sounded good because half the class wasn't really singing all they did was laughing and chatting. So I was really surprised that the concert was so good. I think everybody enjoyed it and liked our singing or at least thats what they told us :)
And then I sung stille nacht ( the german version from silent night) in a duo with a friend of mine.
I was nervous when we started singing in front of all that people. My knees shacked and my mouth was spy dry. But then when we had the first verse done I was fine and enjoyed to sing and show them some german.
And what made me very happy were the people that came to me after the show and gratulated me. It was definitely worth it.

And now it's finely  friday and I'm looking forward to the end of the school and the weekend. Right after school and AFS friend from brazil and her host mum pick me up and we go shopping together in the portland mall! thats always a lot of fun... So the weekend can come!!

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