Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tuesday december 8, 
its already 4:30 it was a very normal school day. Got out of bed way too early for my taste then up to school with my sister, I'm so lucky she is a senior and has a car so we don't have to worry about missing the bus! We have to drive for such a  long time  day.. over half en hour one way.. in switzerland we are about at the border in that time ;-) Before school everybody  stands around in the hallway, talking, laughing, drinking coffee against the tiredness, and having fun... then the bell rings and everybody goes to the class room... then 10:20 lunch break: nasty food but cool people but only for how an hour that's really too bad! after the 3rd bell everyone goes back to school till 2:05!!! And school is OVER!!! 
But tomorrow we probably will have a snow storm and that would mean no school!! I really really hope it snows! 

Ohh and by the way the zopf backing yesterday went great i was exhausted but very happy after the brownie meeting... the brownies are all so cute!

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