Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday december 7

Hello everybody
I'm at my school in ac support right now and i don't have anything to do so i decided to start a blog about my exchange year in the USA. Since I'm a really lazy person I probably wont publish to often but i always wanted to blog about something so here we go!
My first problem is should i  write my blog in english, the language that i learn in that year, swiss german the my native language or german the language we have to write at home? I still don't know the answer and so i decided to start first in english just to give my family in switzerland an exercise in english! But it can be that the next blog is in german just to confuse my american friends we see!
So today is the december 7 and the time is just passing way to fast. I'm already in a christmas rush since i still haven't sent my page with all the gifts for friends and family at home and I'm starting to worry it will never come home by time ! The other thing I'm worry about is that I have way to many things i want to send and i guess at the end the price to send the page to switzerland is more than the actual worth of the presents.

Today is monday and that means for me Brownies after school. No not the brownies you can eat!! It's the girl-scout group i help to lead! 12 awesome little girls and its always so much fun to be with them! Today i will bake zopf with the girls ( a traditional swiss bread) I already prepared the dough for them so they can form their animals or what ever they want and then it cane go in the oven and they can enjoy eating it hopefully. But now i have a problem!!
I went shopping yesterday, bought all the stuff on that the recipe says and i was so proud of me that i did it by my self. But then i started baking and ooohh no!!! the flour is brown!! Yes i bought the wrong flour don't ask i don't even know what kind of flour it is... It says white flour why is that flour brown?!??!  But the dough smells the same as always and i really hope it will still work! And maybe I invited  a world new meal! brown zopf... who knows XD

So i got to go! Math next! I hope i will write again soon!

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